Guitar Lessons Brixton South London
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Guitar Lessons Brixton South London

Brixton Guitar Lessons South London

Guitar Lessons Brixton we transforms lives through music. London Music Academy teaches guitar lessons in Brixton South London with our fantastic Local tutors Adam Ward & Edward black. Our music lessons are individually designed for each student, accounting for each person’s unique skill-level and abilities.  LMA was created to ensure the success of the educational goals of our students, and to provide opportunities in music for everyone. Our Brixton music teachers formulate each syllabus around the student’s goals and individual ability level.

We specialise in teaching and working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar students. We also run successful singing and song writing workshops for all ages and styles. Guitar Lessons Brixton offers structured guidance to those guitarists who wish to explore their natural talent, their uniqueness and creativity in order to shine and feel good about life. Our coaching style takes each student’s specific ambitions and shapes them into specific, achievable goals. From here, a tailored course of training is mapped and then the exciting work begins. We look forward to meeting you, we’re focused on creating an engaging and enjoyable program that will transform you into the player that YOU want to be. Beginners to advanced Brixton Guitar lessons.

London Music Academy will help you to fulfill your musical dreams and teach you how to perform live on stage, jam with other musicians & write your own songs

Guitar Lessons Brixton South London

Guitar Lessons Brixton South London


  • Fun!  Learn to play great songs by artists such as Eric Clapton, Green Day, Paramore, Jason Mranz, Coldplay, Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Beatles, Sublime and many more with self confidence, competence and, above all, by tapping into your full creative potential.
  • Our aim is to get to know you and your goals so that we can create a personalised lesson program that will take you through all of the necessary fundamental skills without wasting time on things that aren’t related to achieving your goal
  • Beginners Guitar Lessons – Always dreamed of learning to play the guitar? Are you just curious and want to see if it’s something you might be interested in? Learn What You Want is an excellent place to start
  • We’ll give you simple and effective memory techniques to optimise the learning process so you have more time to practice
  • Our Guitar Lessons for adults in the heart of Brixton are open to everyone
  • Designed to take some of the mystery out of guitar, improve your confidence in singing before an audience and introduce you to the fundamentals of music training.
  • Effective! Hundreds of my students have successfully learned to play guitar.
  • You will learn how to choose songs (from a range of musical styles) that suit you and your guitar tastes
  • Not only will we show you how to make the most of your practice time, but the time you save on learning you get to re-invest into practicing which will see your progress skyrocket
  • Learn from a team of passionate, experienced and highly motivated teachers driven to get you great results!
  • Discover the best way to start playing guitar, or drastically improve your playing
  • Whether that is rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, folk or anything in between we can cover it in our lessons
  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons You’ve been playing the guitar for a while and you don’t seem to be improving. Or you appear to be stuck on some part of your playing. At Learn What You Want, you can take your playing to the next level.
  • Be surrounded by a peer group of other highly talented, highly motivated and supportive guitar students!
  • You will learn – in a relaxed and supportive environment
  • Flexible!  Make up missed classes at no charge. Conditions apply.
  • All classes provide a fun, social atmosphere for learning. The private lessons allow the student to receive a focused one-on-one attention from the guitar instructor. I think that, as a beginner, you’ll be happy either way, so please call me and let´s have a discussion about your goals and how best to meet them.





Guitar Lessons Brixton

Guitar Lessons Brixton

Brixton Guitar Tuition

  • Customised to each student’s specific ambitions and shapes them into specific, achievable goals.
  • London Music Academy has a great selection of skilled & friendly teachers who are all trained in our awesome teaching method
  • Learn effective memory techniques so that you can spend less time learning and more time playing!
  • We hold regular concerts for any student who wishes to perform. This gives students confidence and live performance skills.
  • Strum in subdivision following a tempo and create intensity throughout the accompaniment
  • Learn effective practice techniques so that you can get maximum results from your practice time!
  • With the right training and application, you too can be playing their famous riffs and solos
  • Get a personal 12 week lesson program that reflects your individual goals and needs and will help you achieve them!
  • Play a full diatonic melody in one scale at a solid tempo – Verse  & Chorus
  • You can take your playing to the next level
  • Get a personalised practice schedule that will accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals and keep you heading in the right direction!
  • Working towards long-term goals learning fun songs to inspire and develop more musical interests
  • The course includes melody playing, chord accompaniment, note reading skills and basic two-part solo playing
  • Play major and minor (E and A shaped) triad bar chords.
  • Our regular one-to-one teaching sessions follow a tailored-to-you training program designed to overcome your playing challenges and get you playing the rhythms, riffs, and solos you want.
  • Play sevenths chords in open position creating bass lines and generating symmetries.
  • Learn the right thing at the right time and avoid getting overwhelmed by too much information!
  • You will benefit from our tutors many years of experience as teachers, players and performers and the pace of learning will be set according to you
  • Have the opportunity to perform at student concerts, form bands with other students and jam at our studio any time you want!
  • Play along with a recording.
  • Learn to become a great player by focusing on what you want to learn without being subjected to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lesson approach
  • Play triads, open strings with inversions.
  • Transcribe a simple melody
  • Analyse the structure of choice of a song identifying: verse, chorus, introduction and endings.
  • Read with numbers a melody
  • You will learn how to choose songs from a range of musical styles that suit you and your guitar
  • Have access to the online student portal which contains your student materials library, virtual practice room and lesson booking system.
  • You won’t just learn things like a parrot, we’ll teach you how to apply what you learn to a variety of different musical contexts so you understand how each concept works and how to use it in real life playing
  • Read notes in the first position
  • For those who want a basic understanding of technique, as well as for those who want to begin a lifetime of study
  • Read and write rhythms
  • You’ll learn how to integrate every idea and technique you learn so that you have total control over the instrument and be able to capture the sounds you hear in your head
  • Play scales with articulation: soft,loud and accents.
  • Designed to take some of the mystery out of guitar playing, improve your confidence in singing before an audience and introduce you to the fundamentals of voice training
  • Play triads in open position creating bass lines and generating symmetries.
  • Plays scales in various keys and the chords generated.
  • No matter what level you set out to achieve, by the end of your time with us you’ll have total mastery of the guitar and will be extremely confident in guitar playing
  • Tune without the need of a tuner.
  • Read whole notes, eight notes and corresponding silences in first position
  • We will plan your lessons with your goals in mind so that you can see a clear path towards achieving them without the frustration of a trial and error approach.
  • Transcribe a simple melody.
  • Experience early success learning to play well-known tunes and songs in a short space of time and have fun, while the curriculum guides them to broader musical development
  • Write an 8 bar melody with numbers.
  • We will focus on overcoming the challenges that you currently face while teaching you correct technique to avoid future problems.
  • Explore the modes in major scale.


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