Where can I learn to play the Piano?

Looking for Piano Lessons London? Learn to play the piano in London, no matter your age or ability, beginners are welcome . You won’t be a beginner for long. Your journey across the keyboard begins now! You’ll be welcomed, supported and absolutely amazed at the progress you can make.
Application will get you everywhere. Commitment and effort are required. However, inspiration counts for much too. Sometimes we find it within ourselves, and that’s a great thing. But sometimes we need an external source, someone or something to inspire us. That someone or something is the music teachers of the London Music Academy, here because they are inspirational.

Play piano now. Piano lessons for children. Piano lessons for beginners of all ages. Piano lessons for pianists of all abilities.

Imagine… Playing the piano like this.

All Levels


All Levels


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You will learn everything you need to start or improve your piano playing with the London Music Academy’s best-in-class. You’re guaranteed to see weekly progress and will be playing songs, mastering pieces, improvising and composing & arranging before you know it. Learn how to make up tunes, read music, play chords, play by ear, understand the differences between genres and have a blast doing it!

Step by step


Piano Lessons London deliver a professional, relaxed & intuitive learning experience, to every student ensuring you will play with real confidence. With enthusiasm, encouragement and a necessary level of structure, LMA tailors a program to the individual needs & goals of each student. Our goal is to help aspiring electric and acoustic guitarists  learn and explore their musical interests while providing affordable lesson fees with flexible scheduling and payment options.We make sure you always enjoy playing guitar and making music.

Piano Lessons Near Me

Learning to play piano is loads of fun and rewarding.  LMA music lessons are a great place to start! We are delighted to be celebrating over 20 years of quality tuition in London.

  • Performance Preparations for Student Recitals
  • Private Piano Lessons in your own home
  • Learn how to name all the notes on the keyboard
  • We are here to help you get the most from your experience
  • Repertoire – Everybody needs songs to play. We work so you can play songs you love for friends, family, and fan
  • You have convenient morning, afternoon, evening and weekend lesson hours to choose from
  • You can learn to play the piano in just 15 minutes a day
  • Different Styles – Jazz piano, rock, blues, classical, pop, funk, R&B, & funk.
  • We  will coach and guide you to the feelings of accomplishment and joy that come with learning how to play beautiful music on the piano
  • You deserve the best. You want to be sure that you’re being guided from a teacher with years of experience
  • Jazz, Latin, Cocktail Music, Bossa Nova, Ragtime, Show-tune Repertoires for fun during the summer time
  • You learn from top-notch pianists who are dedicated teachers. With multiple teachers, we are sure to find the right fit for you
  • Solfege – Pitch and Sight Singing Training
  • Ear Training – Learn to access the music you hear in your head instantly at the piano.  Play a new song with one listen
  • Plus you get to play the music YOU want to play
  • London based studio but am also happy to travel to you if that is easier
  • Technique – Master the physical skills needed to execute any piece of music
  • You are taught in a way that builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Piano lessons are a fulfilling and rewarding recreation for people regardless of age
  • The greatest inspiration for us is seeing our students get more and more excited each week about their lessons
  • Improvisation –  Learn to to create your own music  spontaneously.
  • Practice correct finger placement, hand and sitting positions
  • Independence –  Create fantastic rhythms parts with each hand
  • We vary our techniques and tailor each session to your needs
  • Learn about scales, key signatures and chord progressions
  • We have an easy and natural way of communicating with young children
  • Practice playing in pairs and as a whole group
  •  Develop into a much more well-rounded musician as well as a much better pianist
  • Both individual and small group lessons are available
  • If you’re looking for a new hobby, want to start a band or simply wish to learn how to read music, play and manipulate chords
  • Together, we learn to enjoy and understand music
  • Classical Repertoires
  • Provide all youth the opportunity to be inspired through the arts
  • Adult beginning students are always welcome
  • Learn a wide variation of musical pieces and develop your improvisational skills



Students receive a strong and solid understanding of music basics and fundamentals, while at the same time excel at playing pieces that they enjoy.  All our  lessons are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of each student with the use an effective and highly innovative teaching method for helping students excel in music theory, technique, sight-reading, ear training, and musicianship. Private piano lessons for eager students of all ages ranging from beginners to advanced learners


If you are a passionate pianist or simply want to try your hand at a new hobby, this is the place for you.  We have the lessons for you to reach that next level!


Home visit Piano Lessons in London our mobile teaching is based on over 20 years of playing piano as well as extensive research in the art of teaching.


We guarantee that all students will advance at the most comfortable and satisfying rate for them, by tailoring each lesson to their individual needs


Our lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some fun popular songs along the way. Each lesson is special.


We’ll offer you a personally tailored program – designed to help you achieve your musical goals – all the while developing your skills performance levels


Group Piano Lessons London  sociable guitar classes with streamlined theory and technique applied to learning songs and solos

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Clapham Piano Lessons

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For Beginners

Professional Piano Tuition All Ages Welcome, 1-2-1 Lessons, Classical & Contemporary Styles Covered. Our school has successfully prepared many students for entrance to the Royal Academy of Music, ABRSM exams of all levels, and for competitions, with excellent results. Whether you’re a young beginner or a classical player ready to expand your horizon in harmony, arranging, style analysis and composing, the lessons will help you develop self-confidence and enthusiasm. We’ll work with you to find a teacher that can not only teach at your place, but also your time.  Our lesson plans make it easy to take vacations and allow the flexibility to make schedule adjustments directly with your teacher. Piano Lessons London are the very best music teachers – most with advanced degrees and years of experience – following extensive interviews that include performance auditions and formal training.

All Ages,
Levels & Styles

Piano Lessons in London. Learn how to make up tunes, read music, play chords, play by ear, understand the differences between genres and gain a familiarity with fundamental musical theories & knowledge. Students at the London Music Academy receive the very best in personalised guitar lessons that are tailored to their strengths, musical interests, and personal goals Beginning piano students will receive instruction in all of the solid of piano playing and music in general. Building great confidence and feel really inspired to take your piano playing to the next level.

 Piano Lessons 
Learn to play the piano

LMA help students to develop a life-long skill and passion for music with the ultimate in training for the modern musician. Our world-class music teachers we strengthen creativity, certainty and determination in students of all ages to become an exceptional musician through outstanding music education. We will bring out the very best in you and help you make your mark on the future of music in your life. with private and group lessons, Suzuki training, performance ensembles and summer programs for children and teens. Learn how your gift can shape the future of music with our  proven track record of encouragement & excellence!

All Ages, Levels & Styles Taught - Studio & Mobile Teacher

Areas Of Study LMA makes it easy and fun!

  • We teach adults and children of all levels in a warm, nurturing and positive environment
  • We build a personalised curriculum to meet each individual student’s needs, and make beginners’ lessons relaxed and comfortable
  • Learn to read music and play by ear and achieve a real sense of accomplishment
  • Technology used creatively to assist in learning (digital pianos, iPad apps, backing tracks, recording, & more)
  • Creative and flexible teaching, our students not only acquire piano skill, musical knowledge, but also being able to express themselves in a unique way
  • London Music Academy's piano lessons are fun, creative, and stress-free
  • Songs and repertoire in any musical style, the piano, will bring you happiness from the moment you start
  • n my studio, students are encouraged to create, explore and to find their own musical expression at the piano
  • We believe in creating a supportive environment with honest, yet positive, criticism and feedback.
  • Proper piano technique, how to read music ,music theory, how to play by ear, aural & rhythmic skills
  • Emphasise improvisation, as well, as it helps develop creativity and a more exploratory approach to making music
  • Proper piano technique is absolutely fundamental to our lessons, as well as music theory, which helps to create confident & agile pianists
  • Students learn the focus and dedication that are essential to making music
  • I specialise in teaching classical repertoire, popular, lead sheets, some jazz, sacred and contemporary
  • Teachers who cares about your progress and is committed to seeing you reach your potential
  • Artistic Piano Technique for All Ages and Backgrounds
  • Piano Lessons London is a fun and friendly place to take lessons
  • You can learn something that is challenging and still have fun
  • Each student will have an individualised lesson plan, including scales, music theory assignments and fun songs to work on for the week
  • We believe the arts help build better people and communities
  • Our teachers and staff are not only talented musicians and artists, but mentors who understand how to relate to youth and help them realise their full potential
  • Music Reading -  Read notes and understand music like you're reading a newspaper
  • Performing, reading, theory, technique and memorisation are included in our lessons
  • Committed to providing every student with an individualised musical lesson environment that is both nurturing and challenging
  • Classical, jazz and popular styles of piano are taught depending on the students interests
  • Learn Music Online. Study music theory, composition or music technology online with Piano Lessons London.
  • New registrants are accepted at any time, love of piano playing transferred to our love of piano teaching
  • Piano lessons are formed around each students’ goals, and can include a mix of theory, performance, song-writing, stage presence, and ensemble
  • Jazz theory and jazz guitar improvisation,
  • We’ll show you how we will teach you or your child to play the piano
  • Learn to be creative & you will learn to practice effectively
  • We teach with contemporary methods in an environment of relaxation and fun
  • Each student has a unique musical interest, and we encourage and nurture that curiosity
  • Uniquely qualified to help you advance your skill and reach your musical goals
  • Encouragement and well-conceived teaching techniques keeps our students inspired and focused, and accelerates their progress
  • Our teachers select from a wide variety of musical materials and methods to keep your child fully engaged in a fun and inspirational learning environment
  • Study song melodies, chords and chord voicings, and rhythms, you learn to analyse tunes and musical styles, to transpose and alter melodies, to write your own arrangements and create your own tunes
  • You will receive the most advanced musical training today in modern music
  • Teaching is our passion
  • All students have the opportunity to performing songs at the end of class, as well as at the end of each session for friends, parents, and family
  • Passionate and dedicated advocate for sharing music with our students, audience, and community
  • Friends and family members get the chance to be supportive, see their progress, and enjoy the music
  • How to Practice -  Learn to increase the efficiency of your practice over 500%
  • How to read piano music, identifying where notes are on the piano and learn about musical terminology
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How much do lessons cost?

The majority of our lessons cost £50 per hour, crazily competitive pricing for the leading teachers in a costly city. That said, some sessions cost less, some more. And amongst the many lessons and packages offered you will find some one-off specials, be it a working trip to Nashville or a song writing weekend in Scotland, and, of course, prices vary.

Where are you based?

London Music Academy teachers can be found all over London. There’s a music teacher, an inspirational and expert music teacher, somewhere near you. In London – the urban myth says – you’re never more than six feet from a rat. Don’t know about that, but with the London Music Academy you’re never more than half a mile from a music teacher… You’ll find the right music teacher right here. Choose your instrument, your level and your tutor. Search by specific parts of London. We have all the variables covered and you don’t have to schlep all the way across town!

You can learn in your own home: many teachers will visit. You can learn at a tutor’s home: even music teachers need somewhere to live. You can learn in a studio: a lot of our teachers have great studios. Or you can learn music somewhere else: an office or a school or wherever’s appropriate.

Can you teach complete beginners?

We love to teach absolute beginners. Musical novices are a joy. The positive progress they will make is thrilling (for teacher and pupil)! Anyone is very welcome, and we move at the pace that is best for each student, the speed they are entirely comfortable with so that their confidence and skill increase together.

Do you teach children?

We teach children and teenagers. It’s never too soon (or too late) for learning to play an instrument or learning to sing. With musical instruments, young people learn exactly as adults do, often faster. Often it’s youngsters who are playing the drums in the style of John Bonham while the adults are still battling the single paradiddle. With singing, children do the same vocal exercises as adults, exercises that are great fun. It’s vital that good singing habits are ingrained early.

What songs will I learn? What music will we play?

You can choose what you want to learn. Your teacher can choose what’s best for you. And typically the happy medium will be somewhere in between.

Do I need anything before I start my first lesson?

Nope. But perhaps there’s a song you want to sing, a tune you want to learn to play. Bring along the relevant music if that’s the case. Bring your instrument too, unless it’s a piano.

Can we arrange group lessons?

Group music lessons are available. Learning music with friends can be very successful. The enthusiasm and momentum generated can be infectious. Soon you’ll be singing together like the Bach Choir, harmonising like The Mamas & the Papas, rocking like The Foo Fighters.

While you can book group music lessons online here, you may have specific numbers and needs you want to discuss, so feel free to get in touch with us.

And if you have, say, school groups, or perhaps a few of you are seeking a very special musical experience, something only we can put together for you, then have a read about the sort of things that are possible and then call us for a chat.

Another opportunity for group learning: businesses. Really, learning music together is a thing. In fact, it’s the thing. Various companies use our teachers to inspire their employees. It’s a team-building thing. It’s an employee well-being thing. It’s a perk-of-the-job thing. The Friday lunchtime massage, the duvet days, the abseiling in the Brecon Beacons – they’re old hat. Music lessons for business groups and companies is where it’s at. The team from accounts will be recreating stadium Rock at the next office party, perhaps…

Do you sell gift vouchers for music lessons?

We sell vouchers, gift certificates, whatever you might like to call them. Vouchers for music lessons are, simply, an amazing present, the gift that keeps on giving (throughout the year, long after Christmas has come and gone). In fact, they’re a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Can I book a block of lessons, a series?

Yes! Commit to a series of lessons. Dedicate yourself to truly getting better. This is the most effective way to learn. Reach your guitar goals or singing ambitions over a fixed period of time with a set of lessons.

A good teacher will, obviously, show students new things to play. Often though they don’t teach how to actually practice what they learn. All London Music Academy teachers want their students to make leaps and bounds and that means taking time to show them the best way to work on their own. A block of lessons, in which practise is taught, and where in between each lesson that practise is carried out, brings about real results, progress at the sort of rate that is pure joy.

The London Music Academy’s lessons are the ideal way to start or continue your journey to becoming the best musician you can be, all in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment. Everybody’s different and our lessons are all about you.

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