Kids Singing Lessons

£30 – £70

Kids Singing Lessons – We teach all ages and focus on the basic principles of singing and the introduction of correct vocal techniques. The small things make big differences. It doesn’t take much to go from shy and unable to sing to, well, confident and holding a tune! There’s an art to singing, of course. And there’s a science too.  

There’s showmanship, the dramatic art let’s say, and there’s technique. Learning to sing is an amazing journey. Start that journey here.

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Lesson Information

Singing lessons for children and young people, entirely new to singing or already with some experience and ready to get better.

We know it can be tough to sing in front of someone else. We also know it can be life-changing, remarkable at a young age.

Kids Singing Lessons

Learn to Sing!

How do you learn to sing? Where can you learn to sing in London?

The secret to singing is within us all, but requires superb teaching to bring it out.

London Music Academy voice coaches will fill you with the confidence and know-how so you’ll soon be able to raise your voice, not just in the shower cubicle, not just in the Lucky Voice booth, but perhaps in the spotlight.

Your love and appreciation for singing will be forever changed by the right singing teacher. On a personal level, your confidence will grow. Learning to sing is all about, well, it’s about much more than learning to sing…


  • Gain exceptional control over tone and pitch
  • Increase vocal strength and reduce weakness in your voice
  • Learn to sing effortlessly in a relaxed way
  • Improve breath control and singing posture
  • Learn how to use all parts of your voice including mixed voice and falsetto.
  • Increase your range and learn challenging pieces
  • Learn performance practice and technique
  • Convey emotion into your music using new styles and techniques
  • Correct microphone technique and recording practices
  • Gain advice on music schools, auditions and future career options

Beginner – We teach all ages of students focusing on the basic principles of singing and introducing them to correct vocal techniques.

Intermediate or Semi-Pro – For singers looking for the next push in their singing careers. Focusing on adding style and emotion into your performance, whilst helping you find your own natural, unique style!

Professional – For advanced singers who are looking for expert tuition to refine their craft. Help and advice on recording, touring, auditions and the art of being a professional musician.

In combination with vocal tuition, our tutors also have a breadth of knowledge on auditioning, recording and life as a professional musician. You will learn performance technique, stage presence and confidence, a varied repertoire of music and how to authentically sing in different styles.

All our tutors are musically equipped to accompany students on the piano, aid in song selection and audition advice, body language, acting coaching and all the essentials you need to further your musical career.

  • All styles covered
  • All ages welcome
  • 1-2-1 tuition or small group sessions
  • Professional teaching spaces and home visits

Through discussion and observing your vocal technique we can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your voice. By designing our lessons around these areas we can help you improve all aspects of your voice.

By using a series of exercises and techniques we can strengthen your vocal muscles, increasing your control, tone and stamina.

Every voice is different. We respect that what works for one person might not work for others. Our tutors adopt the key principal of designing their courses around the individuals vocal characteristics and styles.

Everyone is welcome. Regardless of style or musical aspiration, our tutors have the tools to help you achieve your goals.

We won’t change your unique style. We want you to sound how YOU want to sound. Our aim is to enhance your natural vocal characteristics and help you sing how you have always imagined.

We use traditional teaching techniques. We want all our students to feel comfortable and will not adopt abstract teaching techniques (unless you ask us to). Our teaching methods are tried and tested.

It is a misconception that singing can be done with power alone. Using the voice properly requires technique and co-ordination, only when we have mastered control can we start using power to bring out different tones. We can help you master these techniques and get the most out of your voice.  

Going to your first singing lesson can feel like a big leap but here at the London Singing Academy we have a specially tailored beginners course that will get you singing with confidence in no time.

The London Singing Academy boasts a broad range of voice lessons for singers of all ages and abilities. Specially constructed lessons based around your musical ambitions will coach you in vocal technique and style. Our professional teachers have worked with some of the most renowned singers in the music industry and have the tools to help you grow your vocal talents.

Everyone has the ability to sing, the key to success is detailed and specialised vocal tuition, which is what we offer here at the London Singing Academy. Through training your vocal muscles with tailored exercises everyone can improve the pitch, tone and control of their voice.


Whether you are a naturally talented singer or a beginner, we have the lessons to help you become a talented vocalist.

In your lessons we will teach you how to gain control of your voice and increase your vocal range allowing you to sing more challenging pieces. You will study many different musical styles and techniques to make you a well rounded and incredibly talented vocalist.

It can be natural when starting singing lessons to mimic the sound and style of musicians that inspire you. However, here at the London Singing Academy, through teaching you proper vocal technique and style we will help you find your natural voice and your own unique vocal style.


Regardless of the style of singing you wish to pursue, we will have the lessons for you with one of many talented tutors.


We will teach you how to correctly use your voice and how to care for your instrument. Showing you how to sing with power and control without damaging your vocal muscles.

Everybody’s voice is different. We appreciate the uniqueness of every students voice and tailor each lesson to the individuals needs. Using detailed lessons plans based around your voice, we can help you progress rapidly.

Our aim is to help you develop your full potential as a vocalist. Singing is a very expressive art form which requires confidence and comfortability. Here at the London Singing Academy we provide a fun and relaxed environment for you to freely express yourself.

Here at the London Singing Academy we have a fantastic community of passionate singers like yourself, for you to share and collaborate with. When you feel ready to share your gift with others, there are lots of events and group lessons for you to work with other musicians and discover the fun of singing as parts of duos and groups.

We offer small group lessons and monthly concerts for you to showcase what you have learnt to other students, family and friends. With our help and specialised lessons we can build your confidence and cater to your performance aspirations.

Whether you want to pursue a professional singing career or just enjoy singing in your spare time, we have the lessons for you at the London Sining Academy.

From the very first lesson, our tutors will help you identify the strengths and weakness in your vocal technique. With a precise, tailored lesson plan we will help you progress in all aspects of your vocal training and pave the way to success. Our tutors motivation and dedication to their craft will inspire you and give you confidence in your vocal abilities.


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Our lessons cater to all levels and styles

& are entirely focussed around helping our pupils achieve their musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment