Improver Guitar Lessons

£30 – £70

Improver Guitar Lessons – You’re an intermediate guitarist, let’s say. You can already play. But now you want to play really well. You want to unlock the secrets. Well, we can tell you the secret right now. All you need is a guitar teacher who just gets it, who just gets you. A connection is required. You need the enthusiastic, skillful encouragement from an expert. And that’s what we offer here. You’ll be picking up new songs and learning new tricks, growing in confidence and getting consistently better, getting more and more from your love of music. You’ll go at your own pace, but it may be a pace that surprises you.

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Lesson Information

Our Improver Guitar Lessons are ideal if you want to advance your playing past the basics and start to explore different styles, and the techniques associated with them.

Improver Guitar Lessons


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Topics we will cover include:

Foundations of different styles:

Techniques and repertoire, Fingerpicking & Lead playing

Practical theory

How to approach a sheet of music without being intimidated

Our lessons cater to all levels and styles

& are entirely focussed around helping our pupils achieve their musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment