Specialist Guitar Lessons

£30 – £70

Specialist Guitar Lessons – We’ve got it licked.  You’re ready to really fulfil your potential, learn some serious agility, work on your interpretation and improvisation, more besides. Sometimes the small improvements that make a good guitarist great are the hardest to find. But the best teachers know how to do it. By watching and listening a skilled guitar teacher will navigate the route to make you a highly-skilled guitarist. Many of our teachers regularly work with some of the finest guitarists in the business. You will find the right guitar teacher for you here at the London Music Academy.

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Lesson Information

 Advanced Guitar Lessons. Learn more advanced and specific styles.

Could be Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Jazz and Classical, improvisation techniques for sure, something of BB King, Hendrix, Joe Pass, Andres Segovia… Create your own arrangements as well.

Specialist Guitar Lessons



Our lessons cater to all levels and styles

& are entirely focussed around helping our pupils achieve their musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment