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The London Music Academy’s Experience days (and nights and longer) are the sort of things people call ‘priceless’. They say that, don’t they? But everyone must have a price (and that’s the horrible truth!) How else can we get some of the ridiculously big names that we do? There’s always a Music Experience going down with us, be it a Q&A with a famous musician, a private concert,a  chance to play with a favourite band (really). Contact us to find out what’s happening. But also, contact us to tell us what you’d like to happen. We may be able to fix it. We’re not just talking about a backstage pass (though sometimes it might be that). Musical dreams can come true, really. From Nashville to Sydney to London we’ve arranged some outrageous insider-only experiences.

Come in to a London studio and record three songs with professional musicians. Record a song for a special day. Learn to perform a song for a big day, be it a wedding, an anniversary or birthday. Meet a musical hero and have a jam with them. Hear the inside stories and take the studio tours.

The London Music Academy – well connected and hooked into the music scene – always has an interesting off-market opportunity. There’s something we know about that will change your life, impress your friend or rock your world…

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Lesson Information

Our Experience Days are various (but invariably amazing).

The music experience of a lifetime.


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