Kids Piano Lessons

£30 – £70

The London Music Academy has amazing piano teachers who love to teach children and young people, encouraging them, building their courage and determination and turning them into very happy, skilled musicians. Learning to play the piano is learning a discipline, but it’s also discovering an outlet for originality and pure pleasure, things every young person needs. We’ll help you take and make the grades. We’ll help you become a skilled pianist.

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Lesson Information

Learning a musical instrument, learning the piano, is incredibly enriching for a developing young person. It’s about much more than gaining a musical skill.

Practicing music is wonderful for a child’s development, for their confidence, creativity and discipline.

Kids Piano Lessons

About Piano Lessons

How do you learn to play the piano? Problem solved.

We are passionate about the piano and our piano teachers will fill you with enthusiasm too. Book piano lessons with the London Music Academy. Piano tuition, from wonderful tutors, is available all over London.

Whatever your piano-playing standard, whatever your style, no matter your age… Whether you want to pursue formal grades or simply start a knees-up in a London pub… You’ll find the very best piano teachers in the capital right here. Each teacher works with us because they are experts and because they are naturals. Their methods and their manner will encourage anyone who learns with them.

Our guarantee is this: we will find you the right person to realise your ambitions.

Piano Lessons FAQ

Our aim is to help children develop into well rounded musicians by teaching them pulse and rhythm, using their ear to identify pitch and harmony and teaching them technical piano skills. However, our most important goal is to develop a strong love of music and self expression.

Our kids beginner course is tailored around each individual student. We will learn songs appropriate to their age which they like, whilst building in technical and theoretical exercises along the way. Introduction to reading musical notation and how to improvise and write music.

In our initial lessons we will focus on introducing basic chords and harmony, as these are the foundations of music. By gaining a clear understanding of chords and harmony, we can rapidly improve our students repertoire and introduce skills such as composition and improvisation.

Students will be given small tasks to complete each week between the lessons. Practice between sessions is important to develop skills and maintain constant improvement. To ensure students get the most out of their lessons it is recommended they practice a little bit each day, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes.

We host a number of student concerts throughout the year designed to help build students confidence. These informal events will be held with other students in a very relaxed and friendly environment. This is a great opportunity for children to engage with other like minded musicians and play pieces for their family and friends. For more information on our student concerts please get in touch.

With parental permissions, we also encourage filming students performance in lessons as an aid for them to watch their own performances and use this as a teaching practice to highlight to them their strengths and weaknesses. This also creates even more opportunities for performance practice.

I will only enter children into formal exams with the expressed permission of both the student and parents. Exams can be a fantastic way to mark progress and boost confidence in young musicians, as well as contributing to extra credit in some educational institutes. If considering pursuing music into further education or as a career exams are a must. However, learning an instrument specifically to take exams can result in important musical activities being over looked and in worse case scenarios, can have a negative effect on a students progression and confidence. At its core, music should be about fun and enjoyment, once students are ready to decide for themselves if they would like to take exams then we can consider the pathway for that.



Our lessons cater to all levels and styles

& are entirely focussed around helping our pupils achieve their musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment