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Blow your own trumpet. Start now! You’ve discovered the London Music Academy.


Our unconditional pledge to you is that you will learn and love doing so.

Beginners and virtuosos – and all points in between – require the right teaching. And we have the right teachers, carefully chosen for their know-how and personal approach, inspiring students to get much, much better and to get more from music. They establish where you want to go, musically, and then they take you there.

Our tutors teem with positive energy, good vibrations… We are here to help aspiring musicians of all ages and skills surpass their ambitions through musical tuition, providing experiences that enrich many aspects of life.

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You want to play a musical instrument? OK. Solution found. This is where you can arrange music lessons with the most inspiring teachers, musicians who will invigorate and motivate, who bring out the very best in their students.

To be boring about it, the London Music Academy is an online booking engine, somewhere to simply set up music lessons almost anywhere in London. But to get to the heart of it, the London Music Academy is a carefully collected network of the very best music teachers in the capital, experienced and expert tutors who will take your music to the next level, who will exhilarate you musically.

It’s a centre of musical excellence for people of all ages and abilities. This website is simply the beginning of a musical journey.



Absolutely anyone, absolutely everyone, should have the opportunity to learn and discover music. We pride ourselves in providing a fun, friendly atmosphere where all students can connect through their love of music. Join the group!


A fantastic community where musicians of all backgrounds can share the enjoyment of music with one and other. Through events, group lessons and opportunities for students to share their talents, the London Music Academy lets you form relationships with like-minded people, in a welcoming and relaxed environment.


Achieving one’s ambitions requires discipline, motivation and a willingness to learn. At the London Music Academy we strive to give you those things. We focus on the individual, tailoring lessons to those areas where improvements can be most meaningful and progress the most fun.


The underlying foundation of all teaching through the London Music Academy is one of honesty and kindness. We create an environment where people can be themselves and openly express their creativity any way they want.


We ensure all our students have the opportunity to explore their creative potential and discover new and exciting sides to themselves just waiting to be embraced. You won’t be at the mercy of a prescriptive teacher, teaching only what they want. No, they’re going to teach you what you want, with some wise direction along the way, for sure…



Luca Serino and James Stratton are the two friends behind the London Music Academy. They were brought together by music when James taught Luca to play the guitar and later suggested he become a fellow teacher.

James is a guitarist, songwriter and producer. He played his first BBC Radio One session when he was just 17, has entertained the crowds at Glastonbury and tricycled around Europe with Oasis. As the founder of the London Guitar Academy – and now the London Music Academy – he is also a seasoned and highly-respected guitar teacher, with more than 20 years teaching experience.

Luca was born on Chesapeake Bay in the United States and raised in Florence, Italy. He’s a businessman these days whose heart is in music, first getting into guitar when he heard The Beatles in the Tuscan Hills! He’s played in bands in Italy, the UK and the US. Check out his Bluegrass band, Lunch Special.

The London Music Academy was set up in the belief that music is for everyone, that it’s the universal language that builds confidence, promotes self-expression and develops social skills. It’s impossible to underestimate the significance and importance of music, they believe, and that’s why they have developed this hub of creativity, passion and ambition, aiming to inspire a new generation of musicians, indeed all musicians.

The music teachers you’ll find here teach according to your personal interests (rather than from a text book, though they can do that too). So, whether you want to play for fun, pass exams or launch a musical career, you’ll get the one-to-one tuition, the personalised lesson plans, the structured tutorials or the laid-back approach that works for you, the formula that guarantees meaningful musical progress from the first lesson onwards.

As well as, for example, straight-up singing lessons or guitar tuition, The London Music Academy can teach you to write the next number one, cross-fade a loop with a riff or produce your own signature sound. Whether your ambitions are in the studio, the shower or on the stage, this is where you will find the music teachers to realise your dreams!


First-rate music lessons for kids and grown-ups, whatever standard, whatever you want to achieve.

The music teachers of the London Music Academy give great value and bring much joy!


No-fuss music lessons in London – Right Here, Right Now. All ages, all abilities, all styles, many instruments.

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