Team Building

No doubt you have business goals. We want to show you how getting everyone singing and playing – working and learning together – can help achieve those goals. Better than bridge-building and abseiling, learning to make music together is inspiring and thrilling and builds teams in ways that skydiving just doesn’t. The confidence and trust that come from being creative is extraordinary. Bonds are formed and loyalty instilled in the team that keeps the beat together. This is ‘a thing’ now. Murder mystery weekends in country houses are passé . A masseuse visiting the office on a Friday lunchtime is fine. But a ukulele teacher with 10 ukes under his arm is better. A songwriting retreat might be better still.

Maybe there’s a song the accounts department just needs to master in time for the office party? We can do it. Perhaps a famous musician can do a show and tell, a Q&A, and inspire your guys?

Get in touch and we’ll work out what’s best for your business and your team. A guitar workshop. A build a band day. A songwriting retreat. Your team will be pushed onto new heights of creativity and camaraderie.

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Lesson Information

Team Building Days. In harmony. In concert. In chorus. In business. In London. 

Our musical mission – to get everyone singing and playing – can help achieve business goals.


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