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Learn to play the piano with the best piano teachers in London. One-to-One Piano Lessons available.  Our Piano Lessons are perfect if you are entirely new to the piano or if you’ve had some tuition in the past & want to start playing again. We will help you build a strong foundation that you can build on & comfortably progress from too. Book the best piano lessons in London today!

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Beginners Piano Lessons

£30 – £65

Classical piano through formal tuition? Learn to play your favourite pop songs?

Learning to play the piano might seem daunting, but truly, after one lesson you’ll be playing something meaningful, maybe something musical if you’re lucky. Great piano teachers will boost your resolve and lay the foundations for you to become the best pianist possible.

We enjoy teaching kids and teenagers, but we also enjoy teaching grown-ups. Anyone can learn to play the piano. Everyone should! You don’t even need a piano at home. We can expand your skill-set speedily so you progress your playing in the directions you want to.

Kids Piano Lessons

£30 – £65

The London Music Academy has amazing piano teachers who love to teach children and young people, encouraging them, building their courage and determination and turning them into very happy, skilled musicians. Learning to play the piano is learning a discipline, but it’s also discovering an outlet for originality and pure pleasure, things every young person needs. We’ll help you take and make the grades. We’ll help you become a skilled pianist.

Intermediate Piano Lessons

£30 – £65

Intermediate Piano Lessons – For students who have some experience playing the piano. Perhaps you want to revisit previous tuition or else you’re ready to graduate from beginner piano lessons. Intermediate courses will give you the tools to take your piano playing to the next level.

You can already play the piano, perhaps read music, maybe sight-read too. But you’re ready to push on and get better, take some exams or learn some specific pieces for your own pleasure (or because your bandmates are demanding it)!

Advanced Piano Lessons

£30 – £65

Advanced Piano Lessons – Catering for advanced and talented pianists looking for an extra boost to their playing.

The art and skill of playing the keyboard is more than tinkling the ivories in the correct order with a grade 8 distinction under your belt. Of course, an excellent pianist already knows this. But how to take your already fine-tuned piano playing to the next level, from the school hall to the concert hall, let’s say?

To realise the full depth of your piano playing potential an experienced tutor is required. Where do you find that tutor? Right here, at the London Music Academy.

The best piano teaching is methodical, certainly, but magical too. It must be motivating as well. Sometimes the gains to be made – for the best pianists – are small. They require careful study, which requires expert teaching.