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One-to-One and Group Guitar Lessons available. Learn to play the guitar with the best guitar teachers in London – Our Guitar Lessons are perfect if you are entirely new to the guitar or if you’ve had some tuition in the past & want to start playing again. We will help you build a strong foundation that you can build on & comfortably progress from too. Book the best guitar lessons in London today!


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Beginners Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Beginners Guitar Lessons – You can’t hold a guitar? Pretty soon you’ll be holding a tune. Next you’ll be holding a Brit Award. Soon you’ll have the basics and sooner than you think you’ll have your own repertoire, surprising yourself and perhaps friends and family too.

Take a taster lesson and see what one session can do for you. Take it from there and take it to the next level.

Kids Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Kids Guitar Lessons – Where can I find guitar lessons for children? Where can I find guitar lessons for teenagers?

Our teachers love encouraging young people to learn guitar from a standing start. They also love taking young, self-taught guitarists out of their comfort zone and into a world of sweet sounding music.  You may never need to ask the kids to turn it down again…

Reassuring, confidence-building, intellectually-stimulating: guitar lessons for children can open up new worlds. It’s no exaggeration to say that the right guitar teacher can be life-changing for a young person.

The girls and boys who learn guitar with us will never be bored again…

Improver Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Improver Guitar Lessons – You’re an intermediate guitarist, let’s say. You can already play. But now you want to play really well. You want to unlock the secrets. Well, we can tell you the secret right now. All you need is a guitar teacher who just gets it, who just gets you. A connection is required. You need the enthusiastic, skillful encouragement from an expert. And that’s what we offer here. You’ll be picking up new songs and learning new tricks, growing in confidence and getting consistently better, getting more and more from your love of music. You’ll go at your own pace, but it may be a pace that surprises you.

Specialist Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Specialist Guitar Lessons – We’ve got it licked.  You’re ready to really fulfil your potential, learn some serious agility, work on your interpretation and improvisation, more besides. Sometimes the small improvements that make a good guitarist great are the hardest to find. But the best teachers know how to do it. By watching and listening a skilled guitar teacher will navigate the route to make you a highly-skilled guitarist. Many of our teachers regularly work with some of the finest guitarists in the business. You will find the right guitar teacher for you here at the London Music Academy.