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Learn To Play Guitar

Guitar lessons in London

LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR  in London. We love to teach guitar provide tailored one-on-one music lessons for students of all ages and abilities, Great London teachers covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of songs you can play from day one. Our learning experience will produce a tool box which will give you the skills you need to play whatever you wish, and how you wish.

The ultimate goal of your guitar lessons is enjoyment, through self expression. Personalised acoustic and electric guitar lessons in a variety of styles including classical, Spanish, flamenco, jazz, blues, rock, rockabilly, alt. rock, and metal for all skill levels. Develop good habits that will speed up the learning time.

Whether you are a beginner, someone who can play a bit or an experienced player, all are welcome. I’m committed to providing you with the highest quality lessons in a relaxed, professional environment no matter what your level of expertise. Step by step video courses by professional teachers. Get the direction you need and take your playing to the next level. Our students are working on guitar pieces in a variety of styles; classical, flamenco, Spanish, blues, bluegrass, alternative, rock, rockabilly, metal, and finger-style!

All Guitar Lessons London  teachers are all excellent musicians who have plenty of experience playing live on stage as well as their teaching knowledge, understanding and patience. Guitar Lessons London belief that all musicians,  should be literate, we teach via tabs, tricks, licks and classic riffs. Blues Guitar LessonsAcoustic Guitar Lessons, Jazz Guitar Lessons, Rock Guitar Lessons & Classical Guitar Lessons. Students will focus on improvisational techniques using chord-scale relationships and will get into ear training through the use of popular songs. Our instructors are highly qualified, have teaching credentials, experience, and most importantly, they all have a passion for teaching guitar!

Guitar lessons in London

Guitar lessons in London

Private Guitar Lessons London

Learn from the masters  in a fun, supportive and social way to learn to play the guitar. We help you to fulfil your musical dreams and teach you how to perform live on stage, jam with other musicians & write your own songs. Learn to play chords and how to read music, and develop new skills through fun exercises. We hold regular concerts for any student who wishes to perform. This gives students confidence and live performance skills.

Check our class schedule to see available time slots.  If you do not see a slot that works for you, please contact Guitar Lessons London and leave your information and we will see if we can accommodate you.  Once you have your time slot, you can book your lesson through our lessons page.

We Bring Music to Life‎. Learn Oasis, The Beatles, BB King, Eric Clapton, U2, Johnny Winter, Ed Sheeran, Muddy Waters, Ben Howard, Roy Buchanan, The Eagles, Robert Johnson, Nirvana, Artic Monkeys, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many more.

Private Guitar Lessons London

Private Guitar Lessons London

 Learn Guitar in London

Guitar Lessons London, Learn Guitar in London Area

Guitar Lessons London, Learn Guitar in London Area

Private Guitar Tuition

  • Basics: for the beginner. A well designed program of guitar lessons that work to develop good playing habits from start.
  • Proficient in many styles of music, but is particularly fond of playing blues, standards and country-rock
  • Fingerpicking from the blues of the Delta to Ragtime
  • Skills will allow students to play all styles such as Classical, Spanish, Flamenco, Folk, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock
  • Patient yet highly skilled instructor who is well-versed in a variety of musical genre
  • Students capture our enthusiasm and respond with enthusiasm of their own so they experiment, practice and learn how to pla
  • Professional Teachers – we can confidently say that you will receive world-class guitar instruction
  • Tailored lessons to fit your child’s goals and interests.
  • Accomplished and versatile guitarist with over fifteen years of music industry experience
  • Organised Lessons & Courses – make major progress in your guitar playing and finally become the guitarist that you have always wanted to become
  • Nailing solos or gaining a more rounded approach to playing guitar to a professional standard
  • We have written a whole series of guitar and ukulele books. Guitar Lessons London approach simplifies complex theories into easy to understand concepts that are accessible to players of all ages
  • The Best Online Guitar Lessons | Learn The Easy Way That Works‎
  • Guitar students learn through the playing the songs that they love. Whether that is rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, folk or anything in between we can cover it in our lessons – Quality  Video  Lessons
  • Outstanding guitar lessons that will motivate you to really practice
  • All ages through private lessons, group classes, concerts and other special performances
  • Blues 1,4,5 progressions, Jazz 2,5,1 progressions and rock progressions
  • Teaching is something we have a great enthusiasm for and we’ve always done it along with performing
  • Play Along Jam Tracks – An excellent learning environment dedicated to your guitar lesson and development success
  • Music concepts that are specifically tailored to how your child processes information
  • Quality Lessons – Flexible Times – Experienced & Friendly Teacher – All Ages, Levels & Styles Taught – Mobile Teacher
  • Theory- get an understanding of how music works applied directly to the guitar. This is stuff that every guitar player needs to know
  • Improvisation: build a strong foundation based on lessons from the masters. Across all styles including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Country..
  • Experienced guitar teacher, so matter whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player I know I have the lessons to help you reach that next level
  • Chord Craft: Learn how to build and play chords easily.
  • Learn how to build any chord you need.
  • Have your own chord dictionary at your fingertips.guitar lessons that motivate, inspire, and enable your child to be able to play to their favourite songs
  • guitar lessons for beginners & blues guitar lessons
  • Technique: improve your playing and protect your hands

Professional Guitar Tuition – highest quality guitar lessons London has to offer!



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