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Skype guitar lessons. Does your busy schedule make it hard to find time for lessons? Are you desperate to learn but not so keen on more time and money spent travelling to a teacher’s studio? Have the time but can’t quite afford the face-to-face home visit lessons? Well, maybe Skype guitar lessons with one of our specialised tutors is just what you’ve been looking for!


All you need is a guitar, laptop or computer with a camera and a decent internet connection and you are ready to rock and roll. Learning from the comfort of your own home has many benefits, primarily because most students (particularly children) tend to be more relaxed in a more familiar environment. What’s more with Skype lessons you can access our specialist tutors, whether your an advanced player wishing to learn flamenco with our expert tutor in Spain, through to beginners at the start of their musical journey who need a patient tutor.

Learn fast with dedicated skype guitar tutors




Skype is a free online video calling service so all you need to do is create a Skype account on your computer, have your instrument ready and tune up for your first lesson! Make sure you are sitting on a chair and as near as possible to the rooter if you are using a wireless connection; being in a well lit space with no other distractions also helps ?

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons


To book your first FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON of thirty minutes with no added commitments you just need to get in touch via the contact form below or email All of our tutors have high speed internet connections and the latest cameras and audio software installed to ensure their signal is loud and clear. We’re sure that provided your connection is satisfactory you will then wish to book one of our popular lesson bundles:

Anyone can learn guitar via Skype

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons


5 Lesson Online Course


30 mins: £25 per lesson, £125 total

45 mins: £35 per lesson, £175 total

60 mins: £40 per lesson, £200 total


10 Lesson Online Course (overall saving of £50)


30 mins: £20 per lesson, £200 total

45 mins: £30 per lesson, £300 total

60 mins: £35 per lesson, £350 total


Once you’ve decided on how many lessons you wish to go for you just need to contact your designated tutor directly to agree upon a schedule with set dates and times for your course. You will then be invoiced with all of your prearranged lesson slots and this provides a solid commitment from both student and tutor and enables you to set some solid learning objectives. Payments must be made in advance via bank transfer.


How long a lesson should I go for?


Regards lesson duration we recommend 30 minutes maximum for primary school children. Secondary school aged children tend to have 45 minute lessons and some adult beginners prefer this option as well. Most adult learners find that 60 minutes is the appropriate length of time for their lessons regardless of their level. Intermediate to advanced students should contact us directly to enquire for 90 minute lessons.


What about cancellations?


Regards cancellations you must contact your tutor giving at least 48 hours notice otherwise the lesson will be charged as given. Any cancelled lessons must also be recuperated between the start and end dates on your course’s invoice.