Guitar Lessons in Kilburn

Guitar lessons in Kilburn. Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. All abilities, beginners to advanced. As well as our one-to-one students, London Music Academy also teaches a class of 20 in a local school, and the kids absolutely love the lessons. Our lessons are are always fun and every single student comes away very excited to get home and start learning the weeks material. We teach Fingerstyle, Slide guitar, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rock and Kids music, to name just a few! We also provide our students with additional learning material such as online resource and sheet music, to make learning easier.

Guitar Lessons Kilburn

Guitar Lessons Kilburn

Guitar Lessons Kilburn

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Play from the heart

Learn to play guitar – Play from the heart

One thing that people should always keep doing, is learning new things. A skill that everyone can learn and that you can keep developing is playing guitar but to get the most out of it guitar lessons are very helpful. We offer guitar lessons in London and have some information on how you can learn to play guitar and what our lessons can offer you

Here we offer London guitar lessons for you if you want to learn how to play guitar! No matter your age or skill level, we can help you improve your guitar skills! Are you not yet convinced? Then keep on reading to figure out why you can always learn guitar and why you should definitely give it a try using our guitar courses London.