Piano Lessons London For Adults
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Piano Lessons London For Adults

Adult Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London For Adults. London Piano Academy‘s teaching method focuses on creating a solid base of fundamental music theory knowledge, as well as piano technique. We cover almost all contemporary styles of music, including pop, jazz, rock and blues and our Adult Piano lessons include learning to read music, sight reading pieces, using correct posture, improving playing techniques, and studying scales.

Adult Piano Lessons London

Adult Piano Lessons London

All our piano students to have confidence in themselves as musicians, to have a solid understanding of their craft, and what it takes to compose, sight read, have elocution, and more. We believe that everyone interested in music of any kind can benefit greatly from acquiring piano skills!


This is alongside tuition in classical piano for those who are interested. Highly Experienced Piano Teacher. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and have you playing on your very first lesson. We’re hoping that all adults interested in learning piano or any instrument are ready to bring a goal and a vision to their Piano Lesson.  Piano Lessons London For Adults is dedicated providing a welcoming, fun and challenging environment designed to foster creativity while helping each student achieve personal excellence and all our fantastic teachers tailor each lesson differently so every one of our students’ needs are met.

Piano Lessons London For Adults. It’s never too late to learn to play the piano or return to lessons that you took as a child. We want students to enjoy music, and remember that music enriches our lives. All you need is a piano or keyboard and some free time, plus some patience with yourself and remember  Learning is FUN!


Piano Lessons for Adults

  • Good posture and hand position
  • All Styles Covered Learn Scale and Chord Approach, Key Signatures
  • Students will play both classical pieces and contemporary music
  • Recognising and learning musical symbols & Attend more live musical performances
  • Acquire a longlasting love, respect and understanding of music as well as to retain music as a lifelong companion
  • Musical theory, rhythm and harmony
  • Piano Lessons Help Adults to be Well-Rounded pianists
  • Learn to follow chord progressions and improvise solos while studying jazz and the blues
  • Learning theory enhances the students understanding of their music and its creation. Understanding music theory can help students gain a deep appreciation of music
  • Play more lead sheets &  Improvise melodies and accompaniment
  • Experienced Piano Teacher Beginners Welcome
  • Focus on improving your tone, clarity, rhythm, technique, and performance skill
  •  Adults Taught Developing sight reading skills
  • Piano Lessons Raise Self Esteem
  • Piano students will learn music history and how the composition and interpretation of a particular piece are influenced by when it was written
  • Fantastic Student Reviews
  • Individually Tailored Tuition Play by ear
  • Improve my music reading Time Signatures, Sound Dynamic,
  •  Improve my music reading,Sight Reading, Music Composition, Improvisation Technique, Music History and Background, Musical Notation, Tempo
  • Learn to practice better so that I can learn my pieces faster
  • Learn more about music history & Compose your own pieces
  • Piano lessons are held once a week
  • Playing “by ear” and elements of composition
  • Improve rhythm   Improve my understanding of theory
  • Be more consistent in weekly practice Play more duets
  • Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to learn ever more challenging and complex music from a wide range of repertoire
  • Fun and motivational practice challenges
  • Play even more musically
  • Our group lessons are offered frequently and cover such topics as composers, music styles, music appreciation, rhythm workshops, composition and ear training classes
  • Listen to more recordings of piano music
  • Dedicated Teaching Space
  • Participate in more performances yourself
  • Many of our former Students have become Professional Musicians actively working in the Greater London Area
  • This allotted lesson time slot will be discussed and agreed upon by both piano teacher, and the student at our initial meeting

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