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Music Production Lessons London

London Music Production Lessons

Music Production Lessons deliver excellence in practice-based learning, teaching  that stimulates creative innovation through artistic exploration. Learn to produce the kind of quality electronic music you love from. Our analog and digital studio labs are your music playground. These inspiring and enlightening music production classes will show you how to produce music in Logic & Ableton Live, covering the key aspects of music production, music composition, sound design and mixing.  Learn how to produce the quality music you love.

Music Production Lessons programs are fully customised to your interests, goals and aspirationsHere, you’ll log real time on industry-standard consoles, working with the same gear that the pros use. In this program at our boutique facility, students will benefit from our superior roster of instructors, including certified trainers and London producers, mixers & session musicians. London Production Hub. If you’ve got a passion for music or the audio industry, then London Music Academy can help you take the correct step in your creative career with our PRODUCTION SKILLS FOCUS MODULES! Nurturing individual talent and creative development in London. All 1-on-1  Sessions are instructed by industry professionals.

Songwriting & Production Academy Music production courses for beginners

Here to educate and empower creative musicians unique blend of career-focused, hands-on training, experiential learning, collaboration,  to confidently embrace proactive professional careers in production, arts and entertainment performance. One-on-one studio training and talent development programs with a focus on the musician. We pride ourselves on being a uniquely collaborative educational hub. Instructors are assigned based on your preferred genre, software, goals and experience.




London Music Production Lessons

London Music Production Lessons

Music production course London

Music Production Course Learn & Create Your Own Tracks

  • Music Composition, Mixing Concepts and Techniques, Producing Music for Media and more
  • Song composition essentials for Electronic Music
  • Welcoming, collaborative, creative atmosphere
  • Encouraging artistic collaboration and entrepreneurship
  • Fundamentals of beat-making, harmony, sound design and mixin
  • London Songwriting & Production Academy
  • Studio sessions are held at various carefully selected studios
  • Printed notes for your ongoing reference
  • Students leave with a thorough mastery of the Logic software
  • Idea development, Structure, Flow and Track completion
  • Access a private online community of like-minded music producers to share ideas, inspiration, give feedback & propel each other forward
  • Practical ways to improve your song arrangements
  • Workshop covers the essential workflows and features to get you started with producing your music
  • Complete music production skill set, a portfolio of completed projects
  • Management and Labels
  • Perfectly crafted online videos, delivered at the right time to help fast-track your progress
  • How to massively improve your arrangements
  • Fundamentals of managing and marketing projects, artists, bands and media companie
  • Producer, DJ and Audio Engineer Promotion
  • Sessions are based on the creative arts discipline of your choice
  • Everything you need to effectively produce release-ready music for themselves and others
  • How to work where you feel most comfortable
  • Hours of guided online learning and perfectly crafted tutorial videos
  • 6 hours of in-class learning
  • Troubleshooting and technical setups
  • Hardware controllers, remixing, writing electronic music, promotional mixtapes, working with video
  • Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Composition & Mindset
  • Take a basic music production classes & how to Use mix references
  • Learn how to use your levels and EQ tools to get the balance and fit right.
  • Use the very Best Music Production Plugins
  • Ongoing trainer support via email, face-to-face or phone
  • Learn & progress at your own pace
  • Naming your tracks, channels and buses
  • Introduction to DJ-ing and digital music fundamentals
  • Creative strategies that’ll improve your track arrangements
  • Ableton Live Overview & Recording Audio
  • Create an extra song version with a ‘mixable’ intro
  • Creativity with Audio & how to move old projects off of your internal drive
  • How to Enhance Your Creative Process Using the Production Pyramid
  • Listen to a ton of different music
  • Short Music Production Courses
  • Create great tracks, especially dance music tunes
  • London Production Academy has selected the elective units of competency to ensure that the learners are provided with a broad set of specialised and unique abilities that will enhance the scope of their career pathways
  • How to achieve separation in the Mix
  • Learn how to make automation your friend
  • 121 Music Production Tips from the Experts
  • EQ, Compression grow your skill set
  • Learn the easiest way is to place the kick and bass hits on different beats so they don’t play at the same time.
  • Identify your favourite songs, Be yourself / stay who you are
  • Music Production Advice for Beginners
  • Mixing Vocals Start & maintain a favorites folder
  • Music Production Philosophy – Explore multiple revenue streams
  • Making Beats with Ableton
  • Avoid common Mistakes When Producing Music
  • Clips, Scenes & Loops, Audio Effects & Controllers
  • During the course you are given creative projects to work on
  • Basic Music Theory  & Colour coding your projects

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