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Drum Tuition London

London Drum Tuition. Beginners are always welcome at very best London Drum Tuition the ultimate school for drum kit and percussion studies in London. We will start with reading the basics and progress to more complicated rhythms and fills. Drum lessons take place on two pro quality drum kits meaning students spend the entire lesson behind a drum kit in a relaxed atmosphere with the focus on fun. Whether you’re just beginning or are a seasoned professional we’re confident we can design a comfortable, yet challenging program that’s just right for you,  students will learn what they want to learn without missing out on the essentials. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn in a short period of time. Learn to play drum in either group lessons, semi-private lessons or private lessons.  Our lesson studios are state-of-the-art and provide everything you need for high quality, high results drum lessons.

London Drum Tuition enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, focusing on important developmental concepts like technique and rudiments while making lessons fun. If you are a Beginner – you are patiently taught a well rounded curriculum. We will also work on endurance, power and speed which will help unlock the doors to different feels and styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk and will help tap the creative mind in mastering the art of drumming. We believe that the study of music will enrich the life of each student. You will learn drums beginning with the most basic drum teaching techniques which will get you playing rudiments and beats in just hours. London Music Academy truly love getting the chance to bring someone into our world and show them just how amazing drumming is. We will play along to songs, which I find to be a great practice tool. I promise lessons will be fun and you will never leave without learning something. Friendly, patient and passionate drum tutors with over 15 years of teaching experience who will always take into consideration your learning style to create the best path to achieving your drumming ambitions.

Drum Lessons in London

Learn to Play Drums & Read drum music!

Professional Drumming Tuition All Genres Taught, All Ages and Abilities Welcome! Dedicated Teaching Space

  • 1-2-1 Tuition & BEGINNER DRUM LESSONS
  • Rock, Funk, Metal, Blues, Latin, Reggae, Jazz and more
  • Solid base for present and future development
  • How to hold drum sticks
  • Become a versitile drummer
  • Custom Drum Lessons Tailored to Each Individual
  • Supervised timekeeping practice
  • Learn how to become a solid drummer
  • Try some of the hundreds of songs we’ll suggest
  • Reading drum music & Limb independence
  • Advanced coordination and speed on the drums
  • Dynamics, groove and swing
  •  Contemporary Rock, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Pop, Balkan and Gypsy Balkan percussion
  • How to hit a drum
 & Using a metronome
  • Beginning Snare Drum / Drum Set
  • How to play rock and pop grooves
  • Music concepts such as jazz, funk and ghost notes, latin styles, reading, rudiments,
  • Percussion for Children
  • Rock / Blues / Latin / Funk
  • Jazz Studies Music, grooves and fills
  • Over 20 years of drumming education and experience that you get to benefit from
  • Trading 2’s, 4’s, and 8’s
 & Gig and audition prep
ration routines
  • Latin Hand Percussion
  • All Ages Welcomed
  • Funk and ghost notes
 & Drum tuning
  • Dedicated Teaching Space / Mobile Tutor
  • Drumming mechanics and tone production
  • Lessons for Beginners to Advanced Students
  • Styles: bossa, samba, calypso, jazz, shuffle

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