How to sing vocal harmony

Vocal harmony is the practice of singing multiple notes at the same time to create a harmonious sound. Here are some steps you can follow to sing vocal harmony:

  1. Learn to match pitch. To sing harmony, you need to be able to accurately match the pitch of the main melody. You can practice this by singing along with recordings or using a pitch reference tool, such as a pitch pipe or an app.
  2. Understand basic music theory. Knowing the basics of music theory, such as scales and intervals, can help you understand how harmony works and how to create it.
  3. Practice singing in different vocal registers. Harmony often involves singing in different vocal registers, so it’s important to be comfortable singing in a range of pitches.
  4. Practice singing with others. The best way to learn vocal harmony is to practice singing with others. You can join a choir or find a singing partner to practice with.
  5. Experiment with different harmonies. There are many different types of harmonies you can try, such as parallel harmony, where the voices sing the same melody at different pitches, or counterpoint, where the voices sing different melodies that complement each other. Experiment with different harmonies to find what works best for your voice and the song you’re singing.
  6. Practice regularly. The more you practice singing harmony, the better you will become at it. Practice singing with recordings or with other singers to improve your pitch matching and blend.
  7. Use a pitch reference. A pitch reference, such as a pitch pipe or an app, can help you stay on pitch and match the melody accurately.
How to sing vocal harmony
How to sing vocal harmony

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