Guitar Lessons North London
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Guitar Lessons North London

Guitar Lessons North London? The London Music Academy has the solution for you!

Maybe you are picking up the guitar for the first time and want to jump start your playing. Or maybe you have a few years of experience on the guitar so are looking for a new challenge to elevate your playing to the next level. Or maybe you’re planning to play at a special occasion for so are looking to learn a specific guitar piece. Whatever type of Guitar Lessons North London you are looking for, the London Music Academy has the solution for you! Our friendly and experience tutors provide guitar lessons at their studios or in your home or office. You will learn the guitar in a safe, relaxed, fund and productive environment.

Our teachers will plan lessons entirely around your objectives

Our teachers will get you playing exactly what you want to play quickly and you will have great fun doing so. With years of experience in all genres and styles, our teachers can quickly understand what it is you want to learn and find the best way to get you there so you will be playing the guitar faster and better than you ever imagined!

All our teaching is centred around songs

Every song is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. So why not take advantage of it? With the appropriate guidance from our tutors in your guitar lessons, you be able learn specific songs you love and from these also learn chords, techniques, scales and much more. So you will be able to use all these concepts to learn countless more songs. Learn to learn with Guitar Lessons North London.

Some of the topics covered in our lessons include:

  • Guitar foundation: parts of the guitar, how to hold and tune your guitar

  • Guitar chords in open and closed positions

  • Strumming and accompaniment techniques

  • Improvisation techniques: scales and concepts

  • Song studies

So get playing now!



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