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Home Group Courses Guitar Lessons For Near Beginners – 6 Week Course (Wed 6.30pm)

Guitar Lessons For Near Beginners – 6 Week Course (Wed 6.30pm)

Specialist Guitar Lessons

Course: Guitar Lessons For Near Beginners – 6 Week Course
Day / Time: Wednesday 6.30pm-7.45pm 
Location: London Music Academy. 21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA


Beginners Guitar Course. Learn all the Guitar Essentials

Topics we will cover include:

  1. How to hold the guitar & position your fingers correctly
  2. How to play and tradition between the fundamental chords like A, D, E, G & E Minor
  3. Learn how to read chord diagrams, tablature & read rhythms (all the great essentials)
  4. How to strum your guitar and a solid introduction to strumming and strumming patterns
  5. How to finger pick and get the very best start to a real introduction to fingerpicking
  6. How learn some classic songs, chord progressions & how to approach learning a song

How to start

Holding the guitar, right and left hand technique


Chords, developing muscle memory and efficient fingering + Rhythm and strumming patterns

Song Learning

Ear training and learning songs by ear

Practice Techniques

Effective practice habits – making the most of limited time bird on it retro.

Course Location

London Guitar Academy, 21 Lonsdale Road NW6 6RA


James has been performing regularly and teaching guitar since he was sixteen. Beginning with piano at six years old, James has always learned any instruments he could get his hand on, from saxophones and clarinet to bass and drums. After three years of a Music Performance course at Bath College (Btec and HNC), James went on to study Ethnomusicology (BA Hons) at School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. While studying, James learned to play the Kora (West-African Harp) and Gamelan (Indonesian Orchestra), giving him a keen ear for different styles of musicality and a broader understanding of different interpretations of music theory. James has performed in many bands and in many genres over the past ten years. From a solo ambient loop station based project to psychedelic trip-hop twelve piece band, James has picked up many different techniques as a guitarist.

Over the past ten years, James has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Isle of Wight and Boomtown numerous times and performing constantly in venues around the UK. While his primary bands have been amalgamations of funk, reggae, hip hop and rock, James has performed with various DJs and Visual Artists while also engaged as a session musician for countless performers. James enjoys spending time in recording studios, getting involved with the production and mastering of albums he has been a part of. When not performing or teaching, James likes to work on songwriting, either for his own bands, collaborations or for future projects.

James is a good guitar teacher for those that would like to learn completely from square one or improve their playing and even develop their own sound. For fingerpicking folk artists, funky chicken-scratch players, acoustic guitar-body-bashers and effects pedal powerhouses – James wants to be there to help!


25 Oct 2023


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm




London Music Academy
21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA

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