Ian Kelly teaches drums like he plays them: fantastically.

Drum lessons for all ages, abilities and styles, personalised to individuals ensuring speedy progress and quick gains in confidence. Ian’s specialised, dedicated drum studio is the place to learn.

A passionate drummer and a versatile teacher, Ian loves to develop new drummers. Following 8 years of playing in some of Ireland’s best venues and opening for some of the country’s best bands (Director, The Coronas), Ian moved to London where he has studied in some of London’s best-known Music schools and has completed courses in both Drum Tech (Higher Diploma) and The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (BMus).

He has studied with some of the great session players London has to offer including Darren Ashford (Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Will Young), Chuck Sabo (Natalia Imbruglia) and Neil Martin (Jimmy Barnes band, Spandau Ballet). 

Ian is comfortable in many different musical styles and plays with a number of bands in London right now ranging from Rock and Pop to Folk and Acoustic. A popular choice amongst artists due to his creative grooves, dynamic control and use of hybrid drum kits, he’s able to focus on the skill set required by the modern drummer. He demonstrates Technique, Styles, Reading, Vocabulary and Creativity and shows students how to adapt these and put them into a musical context. Your drumming will make leaps and bounds (and a lot of noise in all the right places) if you learn with Ian.

Ian Kelly