Gero, is highly knowledgeable, wildly expert.

Gero is, simply, a wonderful guitar teacher. He is patient with his students. And at the same time he is driven to help them improve. He’s based in South London, Streatham, but is known to cross the river and teach elsewhere too.

Gero’s from Cologne, Germany, where, after several years of keyboard lessons and general music education, he took up the guitar. He’s played rock, pop, jazz and big band as a serious session musician.

In November 2015 the debut album of his quartet Esja 4, was released on Nabel Records, featuring his own compositions. He’s composed many film scores too.

With more than 10-years-experience as a guitar tutor, both privately and at music schools, Gero is equipped to teach a wide range of musical styles to students of all age groups and skill levels. Other than teaching guitar, he also gives lessons in harmony and improvisation, either combined with instrumental lessons or taught separately.