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Home Group Courses Singing Boot Camp. Every Saturday 11am-1pm

Singing Boot Camp. Every Saturday 11am-1pm

Looking for Singing Lessons London? London Music Academy voice coaches will fill you with the confidence and know-how so you’ll soon be able to raise your voice, not just in the shower cubicle, not just in the Lucky Voice booth, but perhaps in the spotlight. Your love and appreciation for singing will be forever changed by the right singing teacher. On a personal level, your confidence will grow. Learning to sing is all about, well, it’s about much more than learning to sing… Pitch perfect. Make beautiful music. Arrange singing lessons here.


Love your voice! Easy to follow


Singing Lessons London have lots performance experience, extensive pedagogical knowledge, and a high level of personal connection and care for each student. It’s important to feel that you have a good fit with your voice teacher, whether you’re just starting lessons for the first time or taking your voice education in a new direction. Each session is customised to target the individual vocalist’s demonstrated need. During the first lesson, we will assess your voice and begin immediately improving your most challenging areas of vocal weakness. You will discover how to overcome voice breaks and cracks and sing in a powerful blend without vocal cord strain, jaw or throat tension. Pitch, diction, control and breathing problems are also covered. You will learn to expand your vocal range and improve tone quality, overcome stage fright, and effectively connect with an audience.World-class vocal training in a relaxed, welcoming environment for all levels from beginners to seasoned, industry professionals.

Step by step World-Class Technique for ALL Vocalists


Singing Lessons London deliver a professional, relaxed & intuitive learning experience, to every student ensuring you will play with real confidence. With enthusiasm, encouragement and a necessary level of structure, LMA tailors a program to the individual needs & goals of each student. Each voice is unique and we’re excited to help each student discover new ways to love their voice. We begin with relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises to slowly get the voice and body “warmed up.” These exercises also help facilitate success in the voice and are key to measuring growth and finding dependable technique. We also know that experience with common voice concerns is important to you, so we’ve included a few scenarios we encounter with folks who are thinking about starting lesson. Our goal is to help aspiring singers   learn and explore their musical interests while providing affordable lesson fees with flexible scheduling and payment options.We make sure you always enjoy playing guitar and making music. Over time, students build a repertoire of vocal exercises that serve as a home base for keeping the voice on track and encouraging a pathway into long-term healthy singing.


29 Oct 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm




London Music Academy
21 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA
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