Bass Lessons London

Learn to play the bass with the best bass teachers in London. One-to-One Bass Lessons available.  Our Bass Lessons are perfect if you are entirely new to the piano or if you’ve had some tuition in the past & want to start playing again. We will help you build a strong foundation that you can build on & comfortably progress from too. Book the best bass lessons in London today!

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Kids Bass Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Kids Bass Guitar Lessons – Bass guitar lessons for kids from the London Music Academy. Start slow, learn fast, stay steady. You’ll be Progressive and Funky soon enough,

Beginners Bass Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Beginners Bass Guitar Lessons  – Begin to learn bass guitar here in London with the London Music Academy. Don’t fret it. (Or do.) You’ll pick it up fast with our help and encouragement.

Improver Bass Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Improver Bass Guitar Lessons – Getting Better all the time. This is where it gets interesting and where you need a great bass guitar teacher to bring you on. You already know that it is, in fact, all about the bass. Now you just need to lick it.

Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

£30 – £60

Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons – You’re a serious bass guitarist, really good, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep improving. That’s where the joy is, the sweet spot in music.