Intermediate DJ / Production

£30 – £60

Intermediate DJ Lessons – The London Music Academy’s intermediate DJ / Production lessons are for those with some studio know-how. And if you’ve got some of that you’ll know there’s more to know, always… Sure, you can learn a lot online. But if you learn face-to-face with an expert it will change everything for you. Advance your DJ set. Work your music production craft. There’s theory. There’s technology. And there’s getting down to it. Children, young people and adults welcome. You’re full of creative ideas, but there are ways and means to realise them.

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Lesson Information

Hey DJ. Improve your skills right here with the Intermediate DJ Lessons at London Music Academy.

Intermediate DJ Lessons


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Our lessons cater to all levels and styles

& are entirely focussed around helping our pupils achieve their musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment